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Grant Recipient SignMany United Plant Savers members do not realize that not only do we seek out grants, donations, and other forms of funding, but we are also the source of funding for several community replanting projects each year in the form of The United Plant Savers Community Grants.

In order to qualify, grant proposals must come from a current UpS member, be community oriented, educational in nature, and there must be some return to United Plant Savers and our mission.  This can be in the form of seeds, research results, or reporting of the project that could be of value to UpS and our members.  For more specific guidelines please visit our Community Grant page.

 2015 United Plants Savers Community Grants…

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Bowman’s Hill Wildflower Preserve’s Medicinal Trail Project

Making medicinal plant knowledge accessible at Bowman’s Hill Wildflower Preserve is the goal of the trail project.Bowman’s Hill is a 120-acre nature reserve on the Delaware River just south of New Hope in Bucks County, PA that features nearly 1000 species of native wildflowers, trees and shrubs. Two-and-a-half miles of trails wind through its woodlands and …

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Herb Garden in Missoula, Montana and Highbridge Medicinal Trail in NYC

This past National Herb Day, Meadowsweet Herbs, in partnership with United Plant Savers, created four demonstration medicinal herb gardens in Missoula, Montana. Located between the herb store and a popular bakery, each garden contains healing plants for a specific body system including the immune, digestive, nervous and integumentary systems. The location is right across the …

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City High School Community Garden

by Jennifer Kinser City High School is in downtown Tucson and a component of the school is to be active in the community and do place-based education. As such the school takes an active role in the school garden, along the Santa Cruz River. It is a seven-acre piece of land that we lease from …

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Sagewood Herb Farm Botanical Sanctuary

2010 Medicinal Plant Conservation Award has been awarded to Kate and Dan Rakosky of Sagewood Botanical Sanctuary in Kingston, Rhode Island When they first bought their historic home in densely populated southern New England, much of their 2 acres was mowed. Slowly Kate and Dan began replanting medicinal species, letting the lovely vernal pool return …

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