Twin Star School of Herbal & Energetic Studies Spring Events!

Evergreen Tree ID and Tea Making February 15, 2020 1 – 3:30 pm Plant Wisdom Wednesday: Botanical Aphrodisiacs February 19, 2020 6:30 – 8:30 pm Flower Essence Practitioner Training in Costa Rica February 25 – March 3, 2020 Witch Crafting Wednesday: Feather Magic – Smudge Fans March 4, 2020 6:30 – 8:30 …

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Druid Training with Green Mountain Druid School

Check out our Botanical Sanctuary Network member Dreamland, home of the Green Mountain Druid School in Worcester, VT! Vermont Druid Training 2020 registration is now OPEN! Space is limited so apply soon. Develop awareness, earth wisdom, healing & community. at Dreamland in Worcester VT. 2020 dates: May 30-31, June 27-28, July 25-26, Aug 22-23, Sept …

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by Jennifer Gerrity Albania’s mountains and valleys teem with rich botanical bounty. Mountain Rose Herbs and United Plant Savers visited its fecund countryside at the peak of the autumn harvest to meet the farmers and wildharvesters who help bring culinary apothecary herbs and fruits to plant lovers across the world (like the ripe and ready …


Plant Blindness


by Anna Kell Last June, we collaborated as artists-in-residence at the Lloyd Library, where we worked for the month on a design project titled Posters for the Plant Blind. Digitally collaged with visual elements culled from the library’s extensive collection, the posters are meant to highlight the presence of plants in our world as well …

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by Susan Leopold, PhD In 2016, the National Park Service enacted a ruling that allows the gathering of certain plants or plant parts by federally recognized Indian Tribes for traditional purposes. This landmark document established a protocol where tribes can formally request a permit to harvest, and then the NPS conducts an environmental assessment to …


Voices from the land

by Susan Leopold This year’s Journal celebrates 25 years of Medicinal Plant Conservation and is our most extensive publication to date. The theme is Voices from the Land, with intent to share indigenous perspectives in relationship with plants. This perspective is most profound in the article on white sage and the conflict with commercialization and …

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Twin Star HerbalSurvival Sundays: Primitive Crafting and Nature Connection

With Zach Fisher & Friends Our existence today is directly related to the ingenuity of our Ancestors.  They were able to thrive in harsh environments due to their deep connection and understanding of the natural world.  This course is an introduction to the techniques as well as the mindset that sustained human life into our …

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Sassafras Camp was full of herbal fun for kids!

Sassafras Camp 2018 was a blast— so much learning, creating, healing, laughing, eating, and bonding! Thank you to all who made this week happen— Molly Jo Stanley, your healing presence, vibrant expression and song, skills in the kitchen, and knowledge of nature, herbalism, and yoga were such a perfect match and true blessing for the camp. Meredith Nicole Bury, you are such a positive bright beautiful spirit and hardworking woman— your help was outstanding, and your kombucha, Ayurveda, ojas balls, mandala nature art, and yoga classes rocked! Rider Stock, you’re simply the best with games—you take scramble and capture the flag to the next level! Your help in the kitchen and with the campers was exceptional. Isabella Trumpetto, what a graceful, present, helpful, intelligent young woman you are— your service was beyond amazing. Lysi Morningstar, your prep work help made the week happen, I simply couldn’t have done it without you—-and once again your blindfolded taste test was such a hit! Thank you for making us all laugh so hard. Paul Strauss, thank you for your wise teachings of life lived on this land, your profound storytelling that transports one back in time, and for once again sharing your Native American arrowhead/artifact collection. A huge thank you to United Plant Savers and Sarah Davidson Ile for providing need-based scholarships— your support made the camp accessible to more campers.
Not pictured: macroinvertebrate and water quality class with Molly Jo, the 5 foot black snake in the outhouse;), wound healing herb walk and salve making (self heal, calendula, yarrow), learning about goldenseal and other UpS At-Risk plants, scramble and capture the flag, improv, yoga classes with molly jo, Lonnie, and meredith, epic dance party, camp out fire and smores, and pond play!

Special thanks to Clif Bar Family Foundation for their generous support!



Gaspereau Mountain Herb Farm and Botanical Sanctuary


Gaspereau Mountain Herb Farm and Botanical Sanctuary Gaspereau Mountain, Nova Scotia Sanctuary Stewards: John Cummings and Vaunda MacDonald As I ponder the concept of sanctuary, feelings of safety and protection resonate inside. These feelings are commonplace throughout this land. Perhaps it’s the location. At an altitude of 650 ft., the Gaspereau Mountain Herb Farm and …

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